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Parenting a child with ADHD is not easy.

Being an ADHD parent can be a challenge, taking incredible patience and strength. Our parenting programme is specifically about ADHD parenting.

Many parents understand the basics of parenting but believe this isn’t enough to effectively support our children. ADHD children perceive things and learn things in very different ways. Most ADHD parents know how to parent and have probably been asked to attend other parenting courses. We know how we are supposed to parent, generic parenting courses it will not work. 

Why?  It will not work because unless there is a true understanding of ADHD, we will only be covering the cracks, it will make little difference! This course will give you an true insight into ADHD.

What does this programme cover?

This programme will show parents how to understand their child by tapping into their world.  Learning ADHD specific techniques and strategies is the answer, in turn improving family life.
  • Unit 1: What is ADHD?

Do we really understand what ADHD is? What are the myths and what is real?   With ADHD having a huge stigma in society we can sometimes struggle to know what’s what. The programme will look into the symptoms of ADHD/ADD, how they can present, including hyperactivity, anxiety, disorganisation, forgetfulness.

  • Unit 2: Understanding ADHD.

How we manage frustration, aggression and loss of control, looking at the process and why it can happen. Strategies to minimise reaction and de-escalating techniques and how the executive functions are affected`by ADHD.ADD.

  • Unit 3: Treating ADHD. 

Looking at medications used for ADHD, how they work, potential benefits and side effects. Understanding the importance of nutrition and medication. Exploring alternative therapies that can help support our young people. We will talk about alternative therapies that can be used to compliment other treatment.

  • Unit 4: Supporting your children to reach their full potential.

Giving you tips and tricks to teach or use with your young person including sleep, strategies for school, waking up and organisation. Ever wondered what your child feels like at school? ‘The ADHD Experience’ with give you an insight in to how they feel every day at school.

  • Unit 5: ADHD and the community around you.

Where to go for help and support and what services are available. Including when a parent has ADHD and may need support too. Covering EHCP process, other local organisations that can help and services available.

  • Unit 6 Looking after YOU. 

This is all about you! You have heard the saying ‘put your oxygen mask on first before anyone else’s’. This is so true. To parent we need to be healthy and well and make sure we make time for ourselves. Learning ways to put you first so it becomes part of your routine throughout the day and believing in yourself.

Each weekly unit is 3 hours (term time only). The programme runs for 6 weeks.

There are evening and daytime options available.

How much does it cost?

The cost of this 6 week programme is £120 per person.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes of course! We encourage it… in fact if you book two places at the same time you can save 10%. Ideal for co-parenting, couples, family & friends.


"To parent our wonderful children, who are unique, we need to understand them so they can thrive to their full and amazing potential"

Andrea Bell - CEO, ADHD Norfolk

Upcoming Dates

Norwich - Morning Programme

ADHD Parenting Programme  (Thursday 10am – 1pm) 

September 6th
September 13th
September 20th
September 27th
October 4th
October 11th


Postwick Village Hall
Ferry Lane
NR13 5HL
Please book a place on Norwich (morning) x 1   £120.00
Please book a place on Norwich (morning) x 2   £216.00

Norwich - Evening Programme

ADHD Parenting Programme (TBC) 


Please book a place on Norwich (evening) x 1   £120.00
Please book a place on Norwich (evening) x 2 £216.00

Great Yarmouth - Morning Programme

ADHD Parenting Programme (Monday 10.00am – 1.00pm) 
November 1st
November 8th
November 15th
November 22nd
November 29th
December 6th


The Priory Centre,
Priory Plain,
Great Yarmouth
NR30 1NW

Please book a place on Great Yarmouth (Morning) x 1   £120.00
Please book a place on Gt.Yarmouth (Morning) x 2 £216.00

Kings Lynn

Dates and venue to be confirmed!


Dates and venue to be confirmed!

"We are not teaching parents how to parent but enabling them a deeper understanding of their young person and ways to work with them. Understanding what ADHD is the key to success. Reframing how they see their young person helps build confidence and self esteem for parent and young person."

Graham Boulter - Chair, ADHD Norfolk

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