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Rt Hon Norman Lamb MP

Rt Hon Norman Lamb MP

“It is a privilege to be a patron of ADHD Norfolk, which does a fantastic job of campaigning for better services for those affected by ADHD. ADHD is a poorly understood condition that still carries a stigma, and too many people do not get the support they need. We need to improve support in the NHS, but I have also been horrified by the scandalous number of children permanently excluded from Norfolk’s schools – around half of whom will have a mental health or behavioural problem like ADHD or autism.  We cannot continue letting people down like this. I’ve been struck by the positivity of the charity since becoming involved. It has been especially brilliant to see so many local people coming along to theSaxthorpe & Corpusty Station Café over the summer, to talk about their experiences of ADHD and raise money for the charity. I look forward to supporting ADHD Norfolk’s campaign in the years ahead.”

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