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Our ADHD Wellbeing Clinic opened in 2017 after a huge demand for therapeutic services for ADHD. Having a diagnosis can be a huge relief, finally understanding who you are.

However, after the initial relief of a diagnosis, there can be, for some, a rollercoaster of emotions including grief, loss and resentment. There is now a good choice of medication options for ADHD but medication is limited. It is important that medication is used alongside a therapeutic element for a full complimentary support service.


Here at our ADHD Wellbeing Clinic we offer ADHD coaching. We offer junior coaching, adult, couple and family coaching. All our qualified coaches have a full understanding of ADHD by either having ADHD themselves or hold an ADHD Awareness Level 3 qualification.

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Junior Coaching

Adult Coaching

Couple Coaching 

We aim to help reduce the need for long-term and cost intensive responses from health and social care.

All coaching sessions are charged at £55.00 per session in the clinic with a recommended course of six sessions.

Coaching sessions in schools or workplaces are charged at £85.00 per session reflecting travel costs etc.

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