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Our ADHD Wellbeing Clinic opened in 2017 after a huge demand for therapeutic services for ADHD. Having a diagnosis can be a huge relief, finally understanding who you are.

However, after the initial relief of a diagnosis, there can be for many, a roller coaster of emotions including grief, loss and resentment.

When it comes to treating ADHD there is now a range of medication options but medication is limited. It is imperative that medication is used alongside a therapeutic element. Living with ADHD can be very difficult especially if you do not fully understand how your own ADHD works.

Our ADHD Wellbeing Clinic we aim to achieve nothing but exceptional therapeutic services helping you achieve your potential.

Pre - Screening Consultation & Report

Cost £110.00


We offer our ADHD pre screening services which includes a consultation and a report of our findings ready for you to take to your GP for a faster referral process, if required.

Please contact us for further details and an appointment.


ADHD Diagnostic Assessment

Our ADHD Wellbeing Clinic now offers ADHD diagnostic assessments and treatment via our partner organisation. This is a private service and requires payment. However, it takes only a few weeks rather than two to three years with the current NHS ADHD service.

Our Approach

To get here you will have read or heard a lot about ADHD and some of the things you know may confuse you. So let our leading experts help you to unravel all of that. We do this by genuinely caring about you and, if you have a diagnosis, your ADHD too. You can select the type of help you want, and how you invest in yourself and/or your family from our packages below.

Can I afford private treatment?

When ADHD is understood and treated life can go well but if left unsupported and undiagnosed it can have a huge impact on life outcomes. Take a look at the A Lifetime Lost, A Lifetime Saved ADHD Impact report for more information on the impacts of unsupported ADHD.

We believe in helping people with ADHD by providing the best service that you can find and in addition providing a payment structure that recognises that sometimes money isn’t easy to come by.

Working alongside you 

We don’t make the claim that treating ADHD is “more than your diagnosis” lightly, we believe it. If you are diagnosed with ADHD, you need to be treated as well as possible. That may mean medication, and if it does, making sure you get the best medication for you. It may mean that we can help you with coaching, family support, and advice. We have an unparalleled team, and we work with you, your family and your friends to make sure your new chapter starts to get better and better after your diagnosis. We will stay in touch with you along the way.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, more face to face time with our experts requires a little more of an investment, and if you need to get to the best place you can be as quickly as possible, that also attracts a slightly enhanced fee. Rest assured, whatever the service package you choose, we will be with you every step of the way.


Silver Plan

Cost £700.00

(discounted rate if paid in full £600.00)

We have developed our Silver Plan to provide a service for people who are struggling with employment, with family pressures and do not have a disposable income that would normally allow for private treatment. We are prepared to make a loss on the delivery of this package of care to help people with ADHD who may be on benefits or facing financial hardship. We apply quite a strict set of criteria to applicants for this package, please feel free to discuss in confidence to see if you qualify for this assistance.

For more details regarding the silver plan and/or to see if you are eligible for assistance please email us on

Gold Plan

Cost – £935.00

(discounted rate if paid in full – £600.00)

The Gold package provides all your clinical needs, personal assessment and diagnosis, with treatment and all of your follow up appointments for a year. Some of your follow up appointments will be on the telephone.

For more details regarding the Gold plan please email us on

Platinum Plan

Cost £1,100

(discounted rate if paid in full – £1000.00)

This package provides personal contact with your clinician, provides all your clinical needs, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and follow ups for a year. You will receive 2 additional interventions (e.g. coaching, training for the family environment, support with an employer, or school), a place at the next ADHD 360 Wellness Event, and more face to face appointments with your clinician than other packages.

For more details regarding the Platinum plan please email us on



Payment Planning

We have a simple message regarding paying for your healthcare. It should be affordable, value for money and exceptional quality.  So we offer you a payment plan, and the mechanics of this are the same whatever package you choose:

We will work together to create your own personal treatment plan that you are happy with. You will need to pay an initial payment to start your plan. We can be flexible with those payments if that makes life easier for you. We also accept all major credit and debit cards.

* If you decide to pay for your selected plan in full at the time of your assessment then you will qualify for a 10% discount.

Please contact us for further details and an appointment.



ADHD Coaching

Maybe you already have a diagnosis but would benefit from therapeutic interventions. We offer junior coaching, adult, couple and family coaching. All our qualified coaches have a full understanding of ADHD by either having ADHD themselves or hold an ADHD Level 3 qualification.

For more details –

Junior Coaching

Adult Coaching

Couple Coaching 

We aim to help reduce the need for long-term and cost intensive responses from health and social care.

All coaching sessions are charged at £55.00 per session in the clinic with a recommended course of six sessions.

Coaching sessions in schools or workplaces are charged at £85.00 per session reflecting travel costs etc.


Please email for more details.

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