Gt Yarmouth ADHD Education for parents and carers Date to be announced after Covid restrictions are removed.

Great Yarmouth, Venue Caister and Great Yarmouth golf club.

This ADHD workshop is for those living with ADHD and people supporting those with ADHD who would like to learn how to understand the disorder and be better equipped for daily life. be it work, school or in a domestic setting.

This workshop covers.

This workshop will allow parents and/or any professional working with ADHD, how to understand ADHD by tapping into the world of neurodiversity. Learning ADHD specific techniques and strategies is the answer, in turn improving life when living with ADHD.

What is ADHD?

Do we really understand what ADHD is?

What are the myths and what is real?

With ADHD having a huge stigma in society we can sometimes struggle to know what’s what. The workshop will look into the symptoms of ADHD/ADD, how they can present, including hyperactivity, anxiety, disorganisation, forgetfulness.

Living with a child/teenager/adult/partner with ADHD is not easy.

Having ADHD or being an ADHD partner or parent can be a challenge, taking incredible patience and strength. Our workshop is specifically about understanding ADHD. Many people understand the basics but we believe this isn’t enough to effectively support the person affected with ADHD.

ADHD children/teenagers/adults perceive things and learn things in very different ways. We need a deeper understanding of ADHD and re frame the way we look at it.

This workshop is run by trainers and coaches who are directly affected with & living with ADHD on a day to day basis. Their knowledge and understanding of ADHD is first hand.

The whole day costs £35-00 per person.


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