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Our practitioner will complete an observational form. This will enable us to build a fuller picture by observing movements, attention, body language and other external factors such fidgeting, foot tapping and breathing. This information will be used in   creating a more extensive assessment, this information is normally gathered when we screen or diagnose a person.  

Motivational Interview.

The coaching process requires commitment from the client. The initial coaching session will ascertain the level of motivation, and work that an individual is prepared to put into working with the coach, to understand their ADHD-ASD and also to learn to self-manage their ADHD-ASD in the workplace. After assessing that the client’s level of motivation is adequate, we will then recommend continuing to the ADHD-ASD coaching process.  



ADHD Employment coaching sessions are for those who are struggling in the work place with their ADHD-ASD. We will use the information that has been gathered from the assessments or diagnosis and implement some strategies. Each session will look at what works and what does not.

Coaching Objectives:  We understand the importance of early intervention and symptom management when individuals experience behavioural, attention, social or emotional problems. That is why ADHD Norfolk offers a series of quality coaching sessions, specifically designed to help manage and put ADHD-ASD in the work place.

Throughout the coaching process we will look at the following.

Understanding ADHD-ASD.  We work to improve our clients understanding of ADHD and ASD also how it can positively and negatively impact our lives, employment and those around us.

Lifestyle. The key to managing behaviour is cultivating balance in our lives. We help to identify, as well as influence some key aspects of our lives, that may be having a negative impact on our emotions and behaviour and prospects. This is where ADHD training may be beneficial within the team or significant others.

Identifying strengths. Using the assessment as a foundation, we build on clients existing work barriers to develop new pathways of working by identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Through this method, we seek to build confidence in the workplace and to create professional relations between the work team.

Working with emotions. Behind every emotion there is a positive intention. The client will have an overview of how emotions may impact on the work environment so is helpful in identifying our triggers and frustrations.  With ADHD emotion regulation must be understood due to the connection with ADHD and the executive functions.

Goal setting. We will look at the implementation of what has been achieved in the coaching sessions. A joint success plan will be compiled using SMART goals which will be used to move forward. The sessions can then be monthly


We recommend once a week coaching for 6 weeks, followed by once a fortnight for 2 sessions. We will then be able to work on the ‘Success Plan’ which will be further 3 monthly sessions.

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